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Joomla events from all over the world

Courses 3 Events

This category contains programming courses. Register and attend for these courses will improve your programming skills to become better developer :).

Business 2 Events

This categories contains business events. Register, attend these events, learn and share with others about business experience to improve your business.

Features 20 Events

This category contains some events which is used to demo the some specific features supported by Events Booking. Each event will show a specific feature of the extension

This category contains some demo recurring events. Events Booking allows you to create Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly recurring events. To understand how it works and how to create these recurring events, please read documentation at http://eventbookingdoc.joomservices.com/basic-setup/events/recurring-events

This category is used to demo the layouts which are supported by Events Booking to display events. The supported layout includes Default, Timeline, Table.

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